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What's Hot Offshore - April 23, 2018
Swordfish are the hot bite right now. We have caught 19 so far this year. It is great to catch tuna in the mornings and then transition to deep dropping for swordfish which have become consistent. by Chandler Cataldie
Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Venice LA Forecast June & July by Chandler Cataldie (4/23/2018)
The tuna fishing has started to really pick up, in fact we are in full swing!  We are catching them solid.  Having quality bait has been the difference including fresh pogies and hardtails.   After you catch bait, we blast out to the floating oil rigs and fish until about noon and then we go sword fishing unless you want to tuna fish all day long.
Our Biggest Yellowfin Tuna Ever by Chandler Cataldie (12/12/2017)
We hooked a beast recently and got it in the boat. A true butterball weighing in a 215 pounds. Our clients did great reeling in this trophy of a fish.
Warning, These Tuna Are Big! by Chandler Cataldie (10/24/2017)
This is our peek season and the fall big tuna are in the area. If you can get them to the boat before the sharks get them, you will have a trophy catch.
Sore Arms In Venice Louisiana by Chandler Cataldie (10/03/2017)
Our anglers have been battling some big tuna fish and I am happy to say they are officially here! Tuna pushing the scales at 200 pounds Are you ready for the challenge?
The Big Tuna Are Here in the Summer?! by Chandler Cataldie (8/03/2017)
What an unexpected and welcomed surprise when the rod bends over twice as hard as normal.
Fall Venice Season Is Coming by Chandler Cataldie (9/09/2015)
The temps are already starting to drop slightly. You know that the fall is just around the corner and so are the big tuna!
Redfish/ trout July End by Chad Rudolph (8/10/2015)
Specks early morning and redfish morning and evening. It's like March redfish madness with the missisippi river above normal.
Awesome Week Tuna Fishing in Venice, LA by Brandon Ballay (3/29/2012)
This past week the place to be was Venice, Louisiana.
Fishing for Tiger Sharks by Mike Gray (1/03/2012)
Tiger Sharks prowl both the in-shore and open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and are tireless feeders that can attack anything, everything, anytime, anywhere...
Fishing Tips From Beach to Surf to Offshore by Mike Gray (12/16/2011)
Fish that are commonly caught close to the beach are species such as the Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Speckled Trout.
Sunday's Tuna Were Large & In Charge! by Mike Gray (11/29/2011)
Venice Offshore Yellowfin Tuna fishing continues to be world class. Not only does the size of these Yellow Fin Tuna make me say world class, but the distance to these fish is less than 30 miles from Venice Marina. Combined with the very cool visual way we target these fish makes the experience a lasting impression.
8 Things To Check Out When You Book A Tuna Fish Charter by Mike Gray (11/10/2011)
Too many times choosing your Offshore Charter Service is like going to an employment interview, you ask a few questions, make small talk and basically try to Size up the Captain.
Sea Conditions That Impact Your Deep Sea Fishing Catches! by Mike Gray (10/27/2011)
Wind and Swell, Chlorophyll and Sea Surface Temperatures all work together to create premier fishing conditions on most days in Venice, LA. With our Current Conditions Map you are able to accurately gauge the sea conditions ahead of time to pick the best weather window for your deep sea fishing trip.
Venice Shrimp Boats Create the Perfect Opportunity for Your Big Catch! by Mike Gray (10/14/2011)
From October to mid-November Venice Shrimp Boats bring action close in for angling opportunities of a lifetime.
Reeling In the Trophy Fish! by Mike Gray (10/14/2011)
Ah! The open sea never ceases to amaze me... the wind gusts, the waves, the spray of salt water over the bow... AND its FALL! Prime time for action packed deep sea fishing!
The New Orleans Saints & Venice, Louisiana *** Who-Dat! by Mike Gray (9/17/2011)
If you are not a "Serious" angler and you have not traveled the world over fishing; you may be asking the question, if Venice is so great - why am I just now hearing about it?
Why Venice, Louisiana is the Preferred Destination for Serious Anglers by Mike Gray (9/13/2011)
Serious anglers experience phenomenal fishing out of Venice, Louisiana for a lot of reasons... and we are going to explore two of those reasons today!
Three Reasons Why Fishing Drastically Improves After a Hurricane by Mike Gray (9/08/2011)
It's believed that fish sense the falling barometric pressure when a storm is approaching so they instinctively feed heavily and then 'hunker down' by either swimming into deeper waters or taking cover in crevices, rocks, caves or debris.
Venice Louisiana *Big* O = No-Consequence by Mike Gray (9/02/2011)
The long hot muggy days of summer in Venice Louisiana are yielding to the calling of Mother Nature.
Three Reasons Why Venice, Louisiana Is The Perfect Place To Fish Offshore by Mike Gray (8/31/2011)
Venice, Louisiana is south of New Orleans about 70 miles on Highway 23 and quite literally, it is at the 'end of the road'! This brings me to three reasons why Venice is the perfect location for fantastic fishing!
Louisiana Water Seafood Is Safer Than Ever by Mike Gray (8/27/2011)
Protecting consumers from unsafe seafood is a primary objective of federal and state public health agencies after a spill occurs.
24 hr trips in the Gulf are on Fire by Gary Bonanno (8/23/2011)
The Gulf has hd it up and down in the past months, but it looks like she is ready to cut lose....The next few months should be good for the big Yellofin and the last big Marlin bite
Captain Mike's Fall Fishing Report by Mike Gray (8/23/2011)
Several weeks have produced red hot action that is second to none in the Gulf of Mexico as we go into the river's fall push into the Gulf.
Venice Charters by Brent Roy (5/25/2011)
Venice fishing continues to be the best in the state. Limits are coming daily. Redfish are on fire!
Venice Reds make up for slow trout days by Brent Roy (5/24/2011)
Venice redfish are on fire. We caughtand released 300 specks last week!
Great REDFISH Weekend! by Brandon Ballay (4/10/2011)
The last couple of days fishing have been fantastic!
Reds, Reds, Reds!!! by Brandon Ballay (3/12/2011)
We were back on the water today. After a short vacation with the family. The redfish were right were I left them...
Venice Louisiana Midnight Hump Fishing by Michael Gray (2/23/2011)
Venice Louisiana Yellowfin Action February 12, 2011 thru February 20, 2011 Venice offshore action finally heated up. Both the weather in Venice Louisiana and the offshore charter fishing heated up on the full moon bite in Venice. Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo were the primary targets but we had a showing on Mako Sharks and really nice size Blackfin Tuna.
Venice wahoo, tuna, tackle and Freeman by Josh Howard (12/30/2010)
We are all geared up and ready to get back on the water! Check out the website to see pictures and videos!
Venice Winter Tuna and Wahoo by Josh Howard (12/14/2010)
Huge yellowfin tuna, wahoo and mako are caught in Venice every winter! This is your chance to get in on the action!
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