Past seasons fishing off Durban

2013-09-06 09:30:45
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - Saltwater Fishing Report

We ended last year with a record size 20Kg Bull Dorado for our charters and then had some damage to our boat after the floods when we got a swimming pool net wrapped around our props damaging both props and snapping one shaft, This is all sorted and am recovering from the set back.

The new year started well and we caught a lot of Yellowfin Tuna well above the average size, some good Wahoo and a lot of Dorado.

We got a 500lb Blue Marlin, and we even got another smaller Black Marlin recently in the middle of Winter.

Our new game fish season is just starting and we have already faired well with some good Yellowfin Tuna, there are a lot of Whales and Dolphins about and we have started seeing the return of flying fish which tells me that the Striped Marlin should also be around or will be soon.

Fish Species: Tuna, Game Fish and Reef Fish
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Blue Marlin caught off Durban
Blue Marlin caught off Durban

Good Wahoo caught off Durban
Good Wahoo caught off Durban

Mike Laubscher

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