Report Gamefish & Tuna Course Jan 2011

2011-01-31 17:20:05
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - Saltwater Fishing Report
Mike Laubscher

Day 1

We started the course on a rainy Monday, which was perfect because on this day we covered a lot of theory on chart-work; tackle rigging making wind-on leaders, stiff rigs, semi stiff rigs, IGFA rules, lure selection, colours and so on.

Day 2

The practical began and we started out with how to set a spread, fin tune the lures in their positions and how team work must be adhered too when out on the troll.

It was a nice day and we all got to know each other and as the day went on we started fine tuning the team work and how important this is.

We had a multiple hook up with all 5 rigs going at once, and in the end landed only 3 of the 5 Yellowfin Tuna, mistake were made and the guys learnt to get their priorities in order so that fish do not get lost. We also landed 2 nice Dorado on this day. Time was spent on how an where to locate Yellowfin Tuna and signs to look for when searching for fish.

We also covered trolling patterns and speeds with Kona's, Feathers and Rapala's

Day 3

Here we did a very long trip out to the deep travelling more than 250km for the day, it was not a good day with very low barometric pressure and rain spots all over.

We managed to land 2 Dorado and 1 Wahoo on this trip, and we also dropped a 300lb Blue Marlin when the line twisted by the outrigger and parted.

On this trip we spent a lot of time on fine tuning the lures and the teamwork was coming together.

Day 4

This was by far the most exciting trip of the week and here we were covering live bait fishing. This was to be a short session as there was a huge West wind predicted and so we went out extra early.

Whilst trying to find Mackerel we found huge schools of Bonnies and ended up hooking 3 small Black Marlin which got hooked into our bait jigs when we were bringing our bait up, unfortunately bait jigs are not strong enough for Marlin and we lost all 3 even though we managed to keep the one on for around 30 minutes.

Day 5

Here the guys rigged up and did everything on their own, and although the plan was to stay shallow and run small lures we ended out in the deep and managed several Yellow Fin Tuna, 2 Dorado of which 1 was part of a 3 Dorado hook up, somehow 2 fish collided with each other and got their chain gangs entangled and we dropped them both.

A lot was covered during the course, and the guys left feeling confident.

Well done to Corrie Van Wyk and Timothy Scriven for completing the Fishing College Gamefish & Tuna Course.

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