Some good bottom fishing off Durban

2012-08-18 16:06:19
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - Saltwater Fishing Report

At 04h40 Friday morning I was halfway down to the Marina when my car just stopped working and tries as I did she would not start, it did not help that she was stuck in the middle of a busy road and she is too heavy for me to push alone. I was amazed at how many people hooted at me, pulled signs at me and even slowed down to swear at me, yet not even one person stopped to help or even asked if I was OK, not even one!

I was stressed as I could not leave my car where it was, and I had eager clients already waiting for me at the boat, and eventually I had to rely on help from family and friends, and with a real generous effort from the client who arranged to collect my car and tow it to my home (Big thanks)

Eventually at 08h00 we were on our way out the harbour only to find rather big seas and an ice cold stiff SW wind blowing, water temperature was under 20 deg.C and there was a screaming S-N current.

It was difficult to keep the boat on the mark, and it went over so fast and so we had to move the boat around a lot that day, it paid off with some really good fish.

On our first drop we picked up a large Sailfin Rubber lips and the day continued like that with all the fish coming out of decent sizes, we got a lot of good sized Sailfin Rubber Lips, plenty large Slinger and Englishmen and a really stunning Tomato Rockod of good proportions and in the end the 8 guys on board had about 35-40 fish between them before we headed back to port with everyone having smiles on their faces and the morning frustration forgotten, well except for me who still had to fix it. Turned out to be the coil.

Fish Species: Grouper, Rubberlips, Slinger, Englishman
Bait Used: Squid
Tackle Used: Okuma
Method Used: Bottom Fishing
Water Depth: 45m
Water Temperature: 20degC
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Speed: Strong
Tomato Rockod (Grouper)
Tomato Rockod (Grouper)

Sailfin Rubber Lips
Sailfin Rubber Lips

Mike Laubscher

About The Author: Mike Laubscher

Company: Blue Water Charters - Durban

Area Reporting: Durban. KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Bio: Have been fishing since the age of 7 with more than 30 years experience. Fish in both Saltwater & Freshwater Disciplines. Fly Fishing Specialist, Artificial Lure Specialist, Light Tackle Specialist. Love Fishing, completely addicted to fishing.

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