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Black Marlin off Durban by Mike Laubscher (2/14/2011)
Hard Fishing and long distances produced a Black.
Report – Gamefish & Tuna Course Jan 2011 by Mike Laubscher (1/31/2011)
Our first Gamefish and Tuna course went well.
Yellowfin Tuna Countdown begins… by Mike Laubscher (1/08/2011)
With 249 Yellowfin Tuna landed in 2010, we start our count with 4 for 2011 with 300 being our target.
Giant Trevally (GT) off Durban for 2011 by Mike Laubscher (1/03/2011)
Well done to the Ryno Rademann (16yrs old) for enduring muscle cramps and fatigue (The deep Burn), and eventually bringing this magnificent GT to the boat, a really awesome achievement.
DURBAN HARBOUR: Z-Claw wins by Mike Laubscher (12/20/2010)
Lure casting with light spinning tackle is one of my favourite ways to fish, especially when using my Z-Claw. I just love the way this lure moves and still remember the first time that I saw it and imagined all the fish I would get with it, perhaps I just understood this lure immediately and knew what to do with it. Since then my Z-Claw has produced some good catches and today was no exception.
Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado & Big Sharks by Mike Laubscher (12/20/2010)
Eventually tired of only catching sharks we shot out deep and a trolled some lures, but it seemed that it was a day for sharks when a Mako Shark hit one of the Kona’s we were trolling and after some hard runs.......
Sharks came to Play by Mike Laubscher (12/12/2010)
I am hoping to land 300 Yellowfin Tuna by the end of 2010, but this seems like a tall order with a few weeks remaining and only 234 landed to date
Teasing Striped Marlin off Durban by Mike Laubscher (12/09/2010)
When you least expect it you hook up a Marlin, and we totally under gunned for this battle.
The Weatherman lied…… Again by Mike Laubscher (12/04/2010)
No matter how much you watc and anticipate the weather, often it does the unexpected, but we still got fish
Sailfish on Fly off Durban by Mike Laubscher (11/28/2010)
I have always wanted to say this, so let me say it again – Sailfish on Fly off Durban.
Durban Dorado take Revenge by Mike Laubscher (11/18/2010)
After 7hrs we got our first action in ugly seas, which just shows that perserverance does pay off. We were the only boat that brought fish in.
Sailfish and Multiple Dorado Hook up off Durban by Mike Laubscher (11/13/2010)
Today was a special day for the new Nikao Fishing Adventures boat, with its first Sailfish landed and some Dorado (Mahi Mahi) for added measure. This is also the first Sailfish out of Durban for this summer season.
Dorado (Mahi Mahi) on Light Tackle off Durban by Mike Laubscher (11/08/2010)
Our summer game fish have come early this year to Durban with many Bull Dorado around and clear warm water
Durban Yellowfin Tuna Magnet by Mike Laubscher (11/03/2010)
I don’t know if it is my boat or me, but we keep on hitting the Yellowfin Tuna Jackpot and they seem to be attracted to us no matter where we go. My YFT count for 2010 is now at 233.
First Dorado for the Durban Season by Mike Laubscher (10/30/2010)
This was one of the few days when a client asks you to stop fishing because you are catching too many fish and he has no more energy to fight them.
203 by Mike Laubscher (10/09/2010)
Today we got the 203rd Yellowfin Tuna for 2010
King Fish and Sea Pike in Durban Harbour by Mike Laubscher (9/25/2010)
Durban Harbour is starting to wake up for summer
A good day Lure fishing in Durban Harbour by Mike Laubscher (9/22/2010)
It is so good to eventually get Game Fish again as summer is starting after the winter.
Hoo dunn it? by Mike Laubscher (9/18/2010)
Today was an exciting day for me, and I felt like a little boy, so much so that I was jumping up and down on the deck like a child waiting for his ice cream, and all this because the summer game fish have arrived. I really do love hunting game fish soooooo very much.
Sea birds can be so comical… by Mike Laubscher (9/12/2010)
We had more fun feeding the birds than we did fishing.......
Sardines, Sardines and still more Sardines by Mike Laubscher (9/12/2010)
The sardines have been here in Durban for a long time this year
Kingies and Springer have arrived in Durban Harbour. by Mike Laubscher (9/08/2010)
Finally the summer Gamefish are arriving in the bay
Fly Fishing in Durban Harbour by Mike Laubscher (8/25/2010)
As spring approaches we wait for King Fish (Jacks) to enter our harbour which is a natuaral estuary
I wanna be a Billionaire………………………….. by Mike Laubscher (8/21/2010)
The seas are still big and the Sardine rn has left us with a huge population of Hammerhead Sharks
Big and Choppy Seas of Durban by Mike Laubscher (8/18/2010)
With the odd swell over 4m it was not pleasant
Geelbek out in the Deep by Mike Laubscher (8/14/2010)
Today was superb, we got some really nice fish out in the deep and saw many Dolphins.
Light Tackle Reef Fishing and Shad in the Harbour by Mike Laubscher (8/08/2010)
We had a geat time out at sea in the morning with light tackle, and then with anothe rcharter had good fun in the harbour
Light Tackle Reef Fishing off Durban by Mike Laubscher (8/07/2010)
It was exciting on the new boat, and an awesome catch on 6lb tackle
A Black Marlin, a Whale, a Long Garfish and a Greedy Gannet by Mike Laubscher (7/08/2010)
It is very unusual to see a Black Marlin in Mid Winter
Shark Wrestling and Albatross’s that Water-ski by Mike Laubscher (7/06/2010)
We had fun and games with a really strong shark
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