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Sufix - Performance Braid: Love this stuff.. Pricey though!
I have this braid on all my reels after hearing about it......
Reviewed by Greg Nicholson on September 9, 2010 | Rating:
Jerry Brown - Spectra: The Best Braid On The Market
All these companies keep coming out with new and improved......
Reviewed by Ted Dant on September 9, 2010 | Rating:
PowerPro - Braid: The Best From The beginnning
I have been using powerpro since it first came out and......
Reviewed by Lee on July 18, 2009 | Rating:
PowerPro - Braid: Keep It Simple
Powerpro is the reason I switched to braid. Since than I......
Reviewed by Barry W on June 23, 2009 | Rating:
Jerry Brown - Spectra: Pain in Butt To Work With
If you don't have killer eye sight than splicing this is......
Reviewed by SwordJohn on June 23, 2009 | Rating:
Jerry Brown - Spectra: Wasn't thrilled
I wasn't thrilled with this line at all. I used the 130......
Reviewed by Ralph Marinson on June 4, 2006 | Rating:
Jerry Brown - Spectra: Pleased at first, but prefer mono
I originally bought 120lb and spooled up my 80wide.......
Reviewed by Lenny Tate on May 28, 2006 | Rating: