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Recently Submitted Louisiana Fishing Reports
    Thursday Trout haul at #ShellBeach by Rory Rorison (3/19/2018)
    [Shell Beach] Most of the action lately has been on Sheepshead and Bull Reds out in Breton Sound. The action has been crazy fast and the catching as easy as it gets. My crew yesterday, Joe and Paul, wanted to look for some speckled trout on the edge of The Sound. With the fish still transitioning to their spring hangouts the trout were very scattered.
    Our Biggest Yellowfin Tuna Ever by Chandler Cataldie (12/12/2017)
    [Venice] We hooked a beast recently and got it in the boat. A true butterball weighing in a 215 pounds. Our clients did great reeling in this trophy of a fish.
    Late Reports From the Beach by Rory Rorison (12/09/2017)
    [Shell Beach] Late reports from the Beach. Last Friday I had a fun trip with my old friend Gary. We made one stop in Lake Robin and limited out on trout along with a bunch of bass, a few sheepshead, and 1 red.
    Cold Front Fishing at the Beach by Rory Rorison (11/11/2017)
    [Shell Beach] Cold front fishing at the Beach Thursday. I had Don, Robert, and Stan on the boat and we started off a little lat waiting for the rain ahead of the cold front to push through. Definitely chillier and breezier than earlier in the week, but at least it felt actually like fall.
    Saturday Fun at the Beach by Rory Rorison (11/07/2017)
    [Shell Beach] They stayed the night at the First Cast lodge and we got an early start to try and beat some of the crowd. We headed down near Bakers Bay and got on a couple slow but steady bites. I figured it was better to stick out the slow and steady instead of looking for faster action elsewhere with so many boats out on the water.
    Fantastic Friday at the Beach by Rory Rorison (11/04/2017)
    [Shell Beach] Fantastic Friday at the Beach for the Jim Walther group. After picking the guys up at Jimís camp we made our way towards Delacroix. We started out fishing where a pass off Oak River goes into a shallow lake. Jim throws out and first bam a solid 3 pound trout was in the boat. The next two trout were just the same. It looked like it might be a monster trout slam, but that was it for there.
    Monday meat haul at the Beach by Rory Rorison (10/31/2017)
    [Shell Beach] Monday meat haul at the Beach for Carl and Jan Tarvin. The morning started off a little chilly, but warmed up nicely and so did the fish. We fished an area close to the house that I have not fished for a awhile and it turned out to be a good move.
    Pretty day at the Beach today by Rory Rorison (10/27/2017)
    [Shell Beach] I helped Capt. Ed run a bachelor party group. 3 jumped in my boat and the rest with Capt. Ed. They went outside looking for big reds and had fun catching and releasing most and brought back a few with some sheepshead. We hit the marsh for trout and whatever else would bite. Our first stop produced a lot of action.
    Windy Wednesday at the Beach by Rory Rorison (10/26/2017)
    [Shell Beach] Yesterday I ran part of the Jimmy Woods group for Capt. Jakamo. The latest front left behind a chilly morning with lots of wind and a strong falling tide. We headed to a lee shoreline of an interior lake behind Hopedale and were greeted by diving birds and shrimp jumping all over the place.
    Warning, These Tuna Are Big! by Chandler Cataldie (10/24/2017)
    [Venice] This is our peek season and the fall big tuna are in the area. If you can get them to the boat before the sharks get them, you will have a trophy catch.
    Sore Arms In Venice Louisiana by Chandler Cataldie (10/03/2017)
    [Venice] Our anglers have been battling some big tuna fish and I am happy to say they are officially here! Tuna pushing the scales at 200 pounds Are you ready for the challenge?
    The Big Tuna Are Here in the Summer?! by Chandler Cataldie (8/03/2017)
    [Venice] What an unexpected and welcomed surprise when the rod bends over twice as hard as normal.
    Windy Wednesday at the Beach by Rory Rorison (4/28/2017)
    [Shell Beach] I had the pleasure of having Steven and Liz Schlesinger onboard. They were in town from New York and wanted to experience our Louisiana fishing while enjoying the city. We ended up with a little of a late start due to a transportation issue, but plan B got them to the dock. Due to the winds it was a plan B on the fishing too.
    Fun Friday at the Beach for Frank and MaryAnn by Rory Rorison (4/24/2017)
    [Shell Beach] Fun Friday at the Beach for Frank and MaryAnn. They were in town from Florida and wanted to get in a day of fishing. We started off on the edge of the Sound were I got on a good Trout bite a couple days before and Frank caught a really nice Trout right off the bat.
    Time to catch up at the Beach by Rory Rorison (4/19/2017)
    [Shell Beach] I know it has been a while since I last reported, and I will try to do a better job with the reports. The fishing in Shell Beach has been great. The early spring has everything starting early and it looks to be a great summer.