Winter Bass Fishing at Inanda Dam

2012-07-17 14:41:11
Inanda Dam, KwaZulu-Natal - Freshwater Fishing Report
River and lower dam

It was very windy today at Inanda Dam, and travelling in certain areas felt a little like offshore with some large wind swells.

Water temperature started at 16.3Deg.C and ended at 17.4Deg.C and the Dam level was good.

In the river section the water was turbid in colour, but elsewhere it was very clean and crystal clear in the lower sections of the dam.

My charter joined me just after 06h30 and we ended our day at around 15h30. Fishing was difficult in the windy conditions but we ended up with 7 fish in total with deep running drank baits delivering the goods for us today.

We also saw several nice size Iguana's lazing around the dam, some ducks, several geese and literally 1000's of swallows.

Fish Species: Large Mouth Bass
Bait Used: Cranks
Tackle Used: Bait Casters
Method Used: Casting
Water Depth: 3-10m
Water Temperature: 16.3-17.3Deg C
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Speed: Strong
Inanda Dam Bass
Inanda Dam Bass

Inanda Dam Bass
Inanda Dam Bass

Mike Laubscher

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