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Whacking Racking and Stacking by Stephen Hardie (4/13/2012)
Halibut season has begun in Prince Rupert. The fishing is great and large flatties have come to the boat in the last two weeks.
Spring Salmon March Madness by Stephen Hardie (3/31/2012)
The salmon are starting to get aggressive in the Prince Rupert area. The April herring run is just around the corner which means lots of Salmon.
Prince Rupert Winter Spring Fishing by Stephen Hardie (12/04/2011)
Dec 3rd produced 2 more silver bullets with three hit and miss bites.
Nov 30 winter spring fest by Stephen Hardie (12/01/2011)
Prince Rupert winter salmon fishing is in full swing.
Spring Chinook by Gordon Judzentis (4/06/2011)
Lots of Chinook , showing up in Prince Rupert Area
Winter Chinook Success by matt anderson (11/02/2010)
Positive indications for a successful Winter Chinook Season
Choosing The Right Charter For You by matt anderson (6/07/2010)
For a successful, fun day on the water, consider these factors: Safety, LOCAL experience, and vessel, gear and tackle quality
2010 Prince Rupert Halibut season open for business by Stephen Hardie (4/30/2010)
It is shaping up to be a great Halibut season. Early indications are positive with quite a few large and aggressive Halibut coming to the boat. Prince Rupert fishing season has begun. Just a few boats are working the early season.
Hecate Strait Fishing Charters Report - April 12, 2010 by Brian Lutz (4/13/2010)
Fish in April have been great! I have been fishing in Chatham Sound, and when the weather allows at this time of year out in the Hecate Strait. I have hooked on to 28 Halibut this April with 15 of them over 50 lbs, 10 over a 95 lbs, and the others were all perfect chickens!
Prince Rupert Late season Halibut Fishing by Stephen Hardie (12/12/2009)
Prince Rupert Halibut fishing in November can be very productive. Deep Spring Charters captain Stephen Hardie is the only charter captain fishing this late in the season.
Kitimat Boys whack 5 Halibut Fishing Prince Rupert Area by Stephen Hardie (11/16/2009)
Kevin James and Rene had a fantastic day fishing for Halibut at the mouth of the Skeena River.
Prince Rupert Late season Halibut Fishing by Stephen Hardie (10/24/2009)
Halibut fishing in Prince Rupert during the fall months can be very productive.
Chinook Salmon have arrived in Prince Rupert by Stephen Hardie (5/17/2009)
It was great morning trolling Plug Herring on the North end of Tugwell Island . Ross and I hooked into 5 Chinook and one aggressive Seal.
Halibut Fishing Prince Rupert with Deep Spring Charters by Stephen Hardie (5/12/2009)
Deep Spring Charters 2009 Halibut season is under way. Out past Tripple Island on a rare calm day we pounded on the Halibut. May 10th turned out to be quite a day for big Halibut.
Deep Spring Charters 2009 season outlook by Stephen Hardie (4/27/2009)
Deep Spring Charters open for 2009 season with a bang. Halibut fishing in the Prince Rupert area will be hot this summer. Red Snapper and Ling Cod Jigging will also be excellent this season.
Prince Rupert Fishing for Winter Salmon by Stephen Hardie (11/03/2008)
Prince Rupert Salmon fishing for winter Springs just starting to heat up.
Prince Rupert Bottom Fishing with Deep Spring Charters. by Stephen Hardie (4/30/2008)
The 420 crew was here again for Keri"s Birthday fishing trip. Some great Halibut and Cod were whacked. The weather was quite good all in all for these seasoned fishermen.
Prince Rupert Halibut Fishing 2008 by Stephen Hardie (4/12/2008)
Fishing for Halibut around the Prince Rupert area has been getting better every day. The Herring have just spawned and the giant Halibut have followed them to shore.
Halibut Fishing Prince Rupert Heating Up by Stephen Hardie (4/09/2008)
Halibut fishing around Prince Rupert British Columbia is heating up in 2008. Although the catch limit has been reduced to two fish for two days the number and size of these fish has improved.
Fishing Halibut and Lingers in the Prince Rupert area. by Stephen Hardie (4/03/2008)
The first charter of 2008 started with a bang. Two days of calm weather produced many ground fish including Halibut, Snapper, Ling Cod and Rockfish.
Chinook Snapper and Lingers with Deep Spring Charters by Stephen Hardie (5/13/2007)
We tried to whack Springers today and only managed 1 at around 35 lbs. The rest of the day we spent jigging bottom fish. After a short lesson the boys managed to catch quite a variety of bottom feeders.
The season begins for Deep Spring Charters by Stephen Hardie (5/12/2007)
Halibut and Salmon was on the menue today. We crushed 7 Halibut the biggest was 70 lbs. Later we trolled for Kings and smashed a few. Calm weather and flat seas with the rare sun greeted us in the morning.
The Chickens are here by Stephen Hardie (5/09/2007)
We had the first Cruise ship today. I managed to snag a charter. Five boats and the Orca Mist headed out for some Halibut slaming. Great weather and calm seas helped us to catch and release 12 Halibut today.
Deep Spring Charters doing some R&D by Stephen Hardie (5/03/2007)
It has been a week since I was out so I decided to head down to the Skeena River to try for some Spring Salmon. My friends Terry and Dennis came with me to try and smash a few Springers.
Cut Plugging Proves Effective by Stephen Hardie (4/28/2007)
I have some great Herring bait in the freezer. It is quite and art form to plug it so the Herring looks wounded. The river is starting to flood and the Chinook Salmon haved grouped around Humpback Bay.
Prince Rupert Fishing - Hecate Strait by Stephen Hardie (4/23/2007)
I had a couple of first timers on board the Orca Mist today. They are from Tumbler Ridge BC and they had a great time. The idea was to catch some nice Halibut. Lionel was not disappointed.
Prince Rupert Bottom Fishing with Deep Spring Charters by Stephen Hardie (4/23/2007)
The 420 crew were out for a second day of bottom fishing. These guys know ther stuff. You have to be tough to reel up a 30 lb Ling Cod from 200 feet down. Sore arms and smiling faces were what they had at the end of the day.
Deep Spring Charters and the 420 Crew by Stephen Hardie (4/20/2007)
5 years and counting. Kerrys birthday on April 20th has been a time of great food gathering. Today we slammed 8 Halibut, 7 Lingers and two Red Snappers. Oh and 22 Crabs .
Chatham Sound Prince Rupert Fishing Charters by Stephen Hardie (4/19/2007)
Today we were looking for Halibut because yesterday we whacked quite a few Spring Salmon. I tried to get outside but had to turn back before Lucy Island due to large seas. Instead we tried Big Bay for the Flat ones.
Deep Spring Charters whacked 5 Springs today by Stephen Hardie (4/16/2007)
High winds and rain greeted us today. There was no way to get outside so we fished Metlakatla Passs for Springers. 9 hits produced 5 to the boat. The biggest one was 14 lbs.
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