Fishing Reports by Captain David Summers

About The Author:

Company: Serengeti Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Vancouver Island (Port Hardy)

Bio: A guide for Serengeti Fishing Charters along with my father. Our business is entirely family run with my mother as the cook. Run a 33ft Pursuit 305OS, one of the most gorgeous and safe boats on the west coast of British Columbia. Feel free to give me a call if you are interested in some great salmon and halibut fishing!

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Best Season Ever With Limits Of Chinooks and Halibut! (9/07/2009)
[Vancouver Island,BC] This year was by far the best fishing we have ever seen. Every group that came with us limited out on their Chinooks and halibut. Coho, Lingcod and Yelloweye fishing was unbelievable as well!
Salmon Fishing Amazing For May! (5/24/2009)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Reports of large salmon and good sized halibut being caught in the Port Hardy area. So far, the fishing has been the best seen in May in the past 40 years.
[Vancouver Island,BC] This year was a great one! More fun than ever and tons of fish! Pics and summary included!
Serengeti Fishing Charters - Unreal Port Hardy Fishing!!! (7/16/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Averaging getting 6 BIG Chinook a many lost. Hali limits continue being caught easily.
50lbser!!!! Nailing the Salmon!!!!! HOT HOT HOT!! (7/01/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Nailing the salmon...including a 50lbs monster and it's only June!!! Big fish showing up early...just wait till august and July!
Big Fish Showing Up - Pics Included (6/19/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] There are some big fish showing up in the Hardy area...some pushing or over 40lbs and it is only mid June!
Limits of Chinook Now Almost Being Caught (6/08/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Great weekend, 1 Chinook shy of being limited out for our boat, and some nice size beginning to show up as well.
20% Off Great Dates - Fishing Heats Up! (6/06/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] 20% off select dates! Fishing is heating up on the North Island...bigger and bigger fish are coming in to the scales!
Another Great Weekend! (5/27/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Well, another great weekend is in the books. Phenomonal weather went hand in hand with great fishing...with limits of halibut and rockfish being caught both days as well as some beautiful Chinook salmon.
First Weekend a Great Success (5/22/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] First weekend out, limit of halibut caught, some big Lingcod, and a whole bunch of Black Rockfish!
Season Starting Soon! (5/06/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] The season gets under way this weekend! We have a couple spots left for this upcoming summer during primetime for the prized giant Chinook salmon and halibut!
Book Your Summer Fishing Trip Now (2/23/2008)
[Vancouver Island,BC] We are almost booked for this upcoming season, so call us today to find out more information on our upcoming season.
End of Year Pictures / Newsletter From Serengeti Fishing Charters (10/24/2007)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Here's the end of year pictures and newsletter.
Great Year Comes to End (10/07/2007)
[Vancouver Island,BC] A great season has come to an end, with 100% of our clients limiting out on halibut and 75% on Spring (King) salmon.
Fish On In Hardy! (8/13/2007)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Fishing in Port Hardy really turned on this week.
It's Becoming Routine to Catch So Many Fish! (7/23/2007)
[Vancouver Island,BC] The salmon and halibut fishing is just getting better, with limits of both still being caught (in the same day as well) and the sizes are going up!
Limiting Out Everyday Now (7/16/2007)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Limits of Springs and Halibut are being caught pretty much everyday now with Serengeti Fishing Charters.
More Great Northern Vancouver Island Fishing (7/03/2007)
[Vancouver Island,BC] 10 halibut in under an hour? It\'s true, that\'s the kind of fishing you get with Serengeti Fishing Charters
Whoa Baby, Great North Island Fishing! (6/24/2007)
[Vancouver Island,BC] Limits of Springs and Halibut are being caught out of Port Hardy fairly easily recently!