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Company: Captain Ariel Fishing Guide

Area Reporting: Flamingo, Everglades National Park, South Florida

Bio: Veteran fishing guide and boating author offering light tackle charters and instruction. If you're looking for an Everglades charter boat fishing specialist or an experienced and qualified Everglades wildlife guide, you've come to the right place. Captain Ariel Cabrera has dedicated over two decades to constantly exploring the vast expanses and innermost reaches of the Everglades via skiff and canoe. He gained his initial experience as a mate on sport fishing yachts. He later earned a P.A.D.I. Divers certificate, which led to years of underwater exploration in the South Florida area and the Florida Keys.

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Good Summer Fishing (7/14/2017)
[Flamingo,FL] Lots of snook in the backcountry. We are catching occasional tarpon, seatrout, and snapper
Winter Fishing (2/19/2017)
[Flamingo,FL] Fishing has been great on the nice weather days. It pays to study forecast and plan it out.
Excellent fall Fishing (11/01/2015)
[Flamingo,FL] This is a favorite time of the year to fish Flamingo and the west coast of Florida. Fishing has been good like in the summer as we have been catching quite a variety of species. Using soft plastic lures like the monster 3X, Gulp, and Fishbites we have been producing nice-sized snapper, refish,seatrout, and snook. Also, some juvenile tarpon have been invading similar areas very early in the morning.
South Florida Spring Fishing (3/15/2015)
[Miami,FL] Good fishing for snook, largemouth, and peacock bass right now. 305 431 6936
Fantastic Fall Fishing (11/15/2014)
[Flamingo,FL] Fall and early winter fishing has been excellent in the backcountry. From Flamingo to Chokoloskee, the redfish and snook bite has been explosive. Live bait or lures, the quality and quantity of fish has been the best I’ve seen in a long time.
Fishing is Good! (8/13/2014)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Summer fishing in south Florida proved to be nothing less than spectacular this season. Even though we had a very wet season with lots of rain and storms there was still ample sunshine and an overall excellent bite. Let’s take a look at the inshore fishery first.
Summer means snook, CPR-catch, photo, and... (5/18/2014)
[Flamingo,FL] Summer is going to be great. We hope you take a kid fishing
Good warm weather in winter (1/02/2014)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Winter fishing in south Florida has been a gradual extension of our fall season thus far. While temperatures will lower so do the fish, the bottom feeders will be found in slightly deeper water in order to keep warm.
Great Fall fishing (11/05/2013)
[Flamingo,FL] Good fishing on the less windy days in the bau and backwaters.
Super summer Fishing (7/22/2013)
[Florida Keys,FL] Great snapper and snook fishing in keys backwaters
flamingo and key biscayne area report (2/13/2013)
[Miami,FL] Great mid-winter bite. Bay and backwaters have had good overall angling success.
Winter Fishing Hot (12/09/2012)
[Key Biscayne,FL] Flamingo backwaters will be teeming with fish from snake bight to sandy key, and beyond. If water is cooling to sixties head for the deeper sections like the rivers and deep creeks. Fish slow. You will catch all kinds of fish this time of year.
good redfishing (10/14/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Good redfishing and bonefishing. The transition from summer to fall has already begun. Much action can be readily seen among east coast beaches and passes but the real secluded fishing begins in the backcountry. The Flamingo waters of Everglades National Park will continue attract many anglers from all over the world but few realize how incredible the fishing really is. Fall fishing Flamingo is fabulous.
Great fishing and weather (8/20/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] TAKE A KID FISHING Flamingo: awesome redfishing. Good snook and tarpon action Biscayne and Key Largo: PERMIT, great
Red Hot Summer Fishing (7/18/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Fishing has been red hot despite the weather. We have had predictable rain storms come and go daily very good. Flamingo has seen huge numbers of redfish. We are catching them on jerk baits, Gulps, and most plastic baits. It hasn’t been this good in a long time. There have also been some floating tripletail at the incoming tides. Try the same baits you are using for redfish. If they act finicky, make a long cast with a natural shrimp. That should work.
Flamingo Full of Fish and Bay Bonefish run on... (5/26/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo catches have included snook to 12 pounds, redfish to 31”, and lots of jacks and trout. I have had several very succesful outings with great all-around action most of the day.
Good spring fishing (3/13/2012)
[Flamingo,FL] Great action in the Flamingo area of everglades. And bonefishing is getting real hot now near Miami
Windy but good fishing (12/22/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] The last few days we have caught redfish, sheepshead, trout, mackerel on a consistent basis. Some of these fish up to 8 pounds using live shrimp and scent baits.
Good Fall Fishing (11/13/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Fall fishing has been very good this year. Wether you have been prowling the waters of the bay or backcountry there has been action if you know where to look.
Great Fall Fishing (10/13/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Great all-around action in the backcountry. We have been ca tching almost every type of species that we target.
Summer bite in Good (7/14/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Summer fishing is hitting its peak. The bite has been really good for those that have been able to compromise with getting up early to avoid some of the afternoon rain. Flamingo is seeing a great redfish bite on the flats.
Good spring fishing (4/22/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Good bonefishing. Trout and redfish and flamingo getting hot. Excellent snapper and shark bite too. Tarpon is on the rise.
Spring is Good (3/15/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Spring fishing has been good all-around south Florida waters. Flamingo has had a great trout bite with mixed action in between the flats and backcountry. The channels and grassflats have been holding good numbers of fish during moving tides.
Good fishing at Flamingo (2/20/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo has been good for trout, mackerel, and mixed bag action on the grassflats. We have seen some mixed bluefish, shark, jack, and good all-around action. I have been taking out many kids and people new to the area and they have had bent tods all day. In the creeks we are also getting some drum, sheepshead, and redfish.
Good winter fishing (1/17/2011)
[Flamingo,FL] Fishing in the backcountry has been good for redfish and black drum. We have been using shrimp for bait and fishing them on jigheads on the downcurrent side of creeks and deep holes. Winter fishing means finding deep drops and working the bottom slowly for drum, snook, and species like sheepshead, trout, and grouper
Good back country fishing (12/14/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo fishing is winter style. Shrimp on troll rites and jigs worked slowly are getting trout, drum, snook. Working the deep holes is getting some good all-around action. We are seeing the beginning of grouper bites in the deep rivers and nearshore.
Fall fishing is Great (11/15/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Good all-around action at Flamingo. From flats to the creeks, it's been a great bite on the days with good weather.
Good Fall fishing (10/14/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Good redfish bite. Lots of slot fish with some bigger ones taking on lures and natural bait
Good Bite (9/15/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo continues to see a good all-around bite. This is traditionally one of the best times of the year to fish this area. The reason is that you can catch many slams. The temperature is perfect for a multitude of species and the weather is commonly cooperative. Therefore, it is easy to plan a successful trip. Almost anywhere in the area can be productive. This season should be a good one.
Summer fishing (8/16/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Great summer fishing at its peak. Trout, redfish, and bonefish are biting with abandon.
Awesome Summer Fishing (7/14/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] The peak of summertime fishing is here and we are hooking up on the flats and bay consistently. Flamingo has had a great trout, snapper, and tripletail bait.
Good Summer Bite (6/13/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] The bite is better than before all around south Florida waters. There has been much concern and speculation in regards to the oil spill in the Gulf however; waters are just teeming with fish around here. The weather has been nice and warm, and the bay very smooth. This has made for excellent boating and sight fishing conditions. Fishing has been great during early morning and evening trips.
Summertime is Here (5/15/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Fishing has really made a solid turnaround in south Florida. The word is tarpon, trout, and bonefish are biting with abandon.
Summer Approaching (4/13/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Fishing has been getting better all along the coast from Miami’s Biscayne Bay to Whitewater Bay. Thankfully the weather has been cooperating. We went from a long, cold winter with high winds to summer-like patterns recently.
Getting Better Bites (3/14/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] First Flamingo. On the first day we fished with Jerry M. and guest and did fairly well considering the winds and water temps. were difficult.
Good Fishing in Flamingo ENP (2/15/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Fished today with Lawrence Beckett and grandson Tyler to catch plenty of winter fish. They landed over a dozen drum. We have also been getting some real nice seatrout to about four pounds. Fish are eating shrimp, crab, and jigs.
Cold Water Fishing (1/11/2010)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo has been hot and cold. Pick your days according to weather. I had the opportunity to fish several days. We got snook, redfish, large sheepshead, and some drum.
Warm Winter (12/13/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] It has been an exceptionally warm winter with few cold fronts and very far apart. This has made for warm weather and summer-like conditions. This has been a complaint for some fishermen experiencing “slow” days at Flamingo anglers that remain versatile in their game plan have been very successful
Flamingo and Biscayne Bay (11/11/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] Good trout, redfish action. From Snakebight to the Harney, fishing has been good with the exception of a few very windy days. They are hitting softbaits, shrimp, and pinfish under corks. On the shorelines, yozuri and weedless scent baits like fishbites are killers.
Flamingo and Biscayne Bay (10/13/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] My favorite part of south Florida fishing lies deep in the Everglades. I love fishing Whitewater Bay this time of year and there have been some really good redfish catches.
Great Fall fishing In Flamingo and Biscayne Bay (9/11/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo and Biscayne Bay Fishing bite has been good even though many fishing captains have experienced one of the slowest charter seasons ever
Flamingo Snook and Biscayne Bones (7/20/2009)
[Flamingo,FL] Summer fishing is at its peak here in south Florida.  One of the best bites has to be the snook bite. 
Flamingo Is Open Again (9/19/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] Flamingo has now re-opened both ramps meaning great news for boaters interested in fishing and exploring Whitewater and Florida Bay. Now there is no excuse for not going fishing; well other than Mr. Rainmaker, who has been putting folks on hold for some time now.
Best Fishing of the Year for Snook (8/25/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] The bite continues to be strong despite the heat. Fishing has been very good; we have had successful trips every time out with no skunking. We are still seeing an excellent snook bite with fish into double-digits boarded. Still around are some tarpon that are responding well to Yozuri plugs.
Excellent Summer Fishing Glades (7/22/2006)
[Flamingo,FL] The HEAT is on! Here we are in the middle of summer and the most important players are biting. Snook fishing has been awesome in the Glades backcountry. Very few boaters are out so there is plenty of space and fish –if you’ll just come on out.