Fishing Reports by Captain Andrew Roydhouse

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Company: Fishing Headquarters

Area Reporting: Fort Lauderdale South Florida

Bio: I am a 3rd generation fisherman out here off Ft. Lauderdale and have been fishing proffessionally all my life. My company, Fishing Headquarters, runs daily drift fishing trips, sportfishing privae and shared charters, night time swordfishing trips, and any other type of fishing you would like to try.

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March Mahi-Mahi Madness (3/15/2012)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The March dolphin spawn is on and they are biting great. Dolphin are all over the reefs of Fort Lauderdale. Wahoo, sailfish, amberjacks also biting great.
Fort Lauderdale Offshore and Reef Fishing Report (4/17/2009)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Huge bull dolphin biting while fishing offshore in Fort Lauderdale. Here is a photo of a 41 pound Bull Dolphin.
Spring fishing is heating up in Fort Lauderdale (3/16/2009)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Things are heating up in Fort Lauderdale. March is the start of the spring fishing, and the fish are already biting off the chain. Mahi-mahi are showing up in large numbers and even coming in close to the reef.
Holiday Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (12/24/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Sailfish action has been hot on the sportfishing charter boats. Wahoo have been showing up on the deep side of the Gulf Stream.
Sailfish Winterfest in Ft Lauderdale (12/13/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Fishing Headquarters has had a great season on sailfish thus far. Sailfish, mahi-mahi and kingfish biting good.
The Fort Lauderdale Fishing Headquarters Report (12/04/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Fort Lauderdale has been a hotspot for the sailfish this year. There’s been lots of action on the daily half day sportfishing charters catching sailfish.
Mahi-Mahi Massacre- Offshore Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (11/12/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The offshore fishing in South Florida right now is red hot. Lots of floating debris and well formed weedlines producing a lot of dolphin fish.
Mahi-Mahi action on the Fort Lauderdale Charter Fishing Boats (10/08/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] There have been a lot of mahi-mahi biting on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters. Deep sea fishing has been good for kingfish, wahoo and tuna lately as well.
Great Summer action on the Fort Lauderdale Fishing boats (7/15/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been awesome this summer. The kingfish action on the reefs is red hot.
Sailfish double headers all week fishing offshore of Fort Lauderdale (5/31/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] A great few weeks of sailfishing off Fort Lauderdale this week. Dolphin fishing is going to be hot in June.
Plentiful Catches of Big Game Fish offshore fishing in Fort Lauderdale (5/21/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] This month has been a bonanza for sailfish, sharks, big amberjacks and larger mahi-mahi.
450 pound Thresher shark caught and released off Fort Lauderdale (3/30/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We caught and released this monster thresher shark while fishing off Fort Lauderdale. Check out this awesome photo of the fish, right next to the boat.
Hammerhead shark frenzy out of Fort Lauderdale (3/04/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Monster hammerhead sharks are being caught all over South Florida. The shark fishing charters off Fort Lauderdale this week have been off the hook.
Sharks, Swordfish and Sailfish off Fort Lauderdale (3/01/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Its March and the big game sharks are here along with sailfish and swordfish off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Exceptional big game fishing.
Big Game Fishing in Fort Lauderdale (2/08/2008)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Some monster big game fish are being caught off Fort Lauderdale this time of year. Fishing offshore on the edge of the gulf stream for big game sharks, groupers, and sailfish
Great Fishing in Fort Lauderdale this Holiday season (12/26/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We had a great fishing trip on our Wednesday all day trip this week and the sportfishing boats have been coming in with a great catch every day.
Sailfish season is here in Fort Lauderdale (11/02/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] What a week. The weather was rough but oh, the fish were biting great. Awesome week of sailfishing on the sportfishing charter boats.
Just a day of Fun Fishing off Fort Lauderdale (10/01/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We didn't have a fishing charter today so we went out fun fishing off Fort Lauderdale today. We went bottom fishing and caught a lot of good action out there.
Great Drift Fishing out of Fort Lauderdale (9/28/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We had an awesome drift fishing trip this week out of Fort Lauderdale. Lots of dolphin were caught and it was an awesome day of deep sea fishing for us.
Great Fishing on the Fort Lauderdale Party Boats (9/11/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We got a lot of action on the Fort Lauderdale reefs this week. Lots of kingfish, some bonitos and snappers and check out the photos of these dolphins. A huge 40 pound Bull Dolphin.
Summer Action on the Fort Lauderdale Drift Fishing Boats (8/30/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Wow, what a summer. This fishing report tells all about the action on the reef we had all summer and lemme tell you, it was one awesome summer.
TONS of action drift fishing in Ft. Lauderdale (8/20/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Drift fishing Ft. Lauderdale waters has been red hot for action. Tons of bonitos and kingfish being caught.
Fishing is GRRREAT! out of Ft. Lauderdale Today (7/19/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Whenever we got the bait to where we wanted it, BAM! Either we would catch a king or bonito or get a big strike and miss one. We literally couldn’t keep a bait in the water for more than a minute. The mates worked their butts off today keeping hooks tied on and baits going out. But everybody that went got to catch something nice.
Nonstop Fishing Action on the Ft. Lauderdale Drift Boats (7/18/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Lots of action for the Ft. Lauderdale Drift boat fishing fleet. We are cathing loads of kingfish and bonitos and the snapper fishing is awesome too. All on a half day charter out of Fort Lauderdale.
An xceptional Fort Lauderdale Swordfishing Charter Trip (7/15/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Swordfishing was AWESOME on our Friday Night trip this week. We had a bunch of swordfish bites and caught 2 really nice swordfish. A great charter for us off Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Father's Day Dolphin Fishing off Ft. Lauderdale (6/21/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Dolphin were biting like mad dogs this week while charter fishing off Ft. Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale sportfishing boats were pulling in some huge Mahi mahi during Father's Day.
Dolphin Fishing is Red Hot out of Ft Lauderdale (5/23/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Dolphin fishing is red hot out of Ft Lauderdale this week. A 68 pound dolphin was caught on a sportfishing charter out of Fort Lauderdale the other day. Swordfishing has been pretty good as well.
Ft Lauderdale Drift and Charter fishing Report (5/13/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The fishing was good this week with a 150# swordfish and some really nice cobia
200 lb. Swordfish eaten by Mako Shark (4/17/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We caught a huge Swordfish that got ate by a mako shark.
700 lb. Thresher Shark caught on the Out of the Blue (3/22/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Huge thresher caught this week. Read the report to hear the story.
Sharks feeding Frenzy off Ft. Lauderdale (3/08/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Its a feeding frenzy in Ft. Lauderdale this week.
Billfish Bonanza in Ft. Lauderdale (2/26/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The sailfish were snapping this week. Caught a great big ole' thresher shark too!
Sailfish and Swordfish Story off Ft. Lauderdale (2/20/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Fishing was a bit slow this week. We caught a few larger fish, but not a lot of action. The bigger fish we did catch were pretty cool though. A couple big sharks of various species, including two big hammerheads, a huge bull shark and several nice silky sharks.
Monster Thresher Shark caught on Ft. lauderdale Charter (2/11/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We caught an 11 foot thresher shark on our morning charter yesterday. A purple sea monster of a fish.
Ft. Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing (2/06/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Report about our Friday Night Swordfishing trip and some sportfishing trips we did this week.
A Half Day Charter off Ft. Lauderdale (2/01/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We were shooting a video on the boat yesterday and had a pretty exciting catch...After that I say, hey, lets go hit a shipwreck. We had drifted with the current pretty good ways to the north and I was near a wreck I haven't fished in a while. We put a live bonito down and insta-bite big amberjack...
200 pound swordfish off Ft. Lauderdale (1/27/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The Catch My Drift caught another giant swordfish this week...Another successful swordfish trip. Yes, the Friday Night Open Boat Swordfish trip we run every week on the Catch My Drift has found the elusive swordfish again.
Ft. Lauderdale Red Snapper fishing (1/25/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Red snapper, dolphin, sailfish, sharks and cobia are biting off Ft. Lauderdale this week.
Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Style (1/22/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Kite fishing for sailfish, deep dropping for amberjack and cobia, dolphin and sharks. It was a heck of a week at sea!
Ft. Lauderdale Swordfishing RED HOT!!! (1/15/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Swordfishing was our best trip this week in Fort Lauderdale but sailfish and sharks are still here too.
Giant Swordfish caught off Ft. Lauderdale (1/10/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] This Friday night open boat trip was awesome. We caught the biggest swordfish we've caught on this trip so far.
Giant Wahoo Drift fishing off Ft. Lauderdale (1/06/2007)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Biggest wahoo I've seen in over a yeah this week caught aboard the Catch My Drift. A 79 lb. wahoo on a 20 # test boat rod outfit! Yes, thats the fish of the week for us over here on the Catch My Drift. Caught by a customer that hadn't ever fished a day in his life.
Ft. Lauderdale Friday Swordfishing Trip (12/30/2006)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Past 2 Fridays in a row now we've had great action and good fish on the Friday Night Open Boat Swordfishing Trip
Ft. Lauderdale Christmas fishing (12/27/2006)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Weather has turned good again and the fishing has been pretty decent as well. Nice cold front here now bringing the big ones through our area.
December Fishing - Braving The Seas (12/13/2006)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Weather has been brutal for us this week, but we braved the seas and came in with some really nice catches.
The Sailfish are FINALLY here (11/30/2006)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The sailfish bite was hot this week. Finally some good action on sails out there. Well guys, although in the past few weeks we've been catching a sailfish here, a sailfish there, they haven't been biting as good as they usually do. This week the sailfishing was off the scale. Every day this week we have been seeing multiple sailfish on the kite and on the troll. Even the drift boat has been catching sails this week using dead ballyhoo.
November Fishing So Far... (11/06/2006)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Guys, the wind was howling this week so we didn't go out as much as we usually do. We still pocked our noses out there a few times. The Swordfishing the other night was phenomenal. Everyone that went out there caught swordies, and mutliple ones at that. Our charter boat went out on a swordfish run the other night and was 4/7. It was a really crazy night of fishing. One of the best swordfishing trips I've seen in a while.
Fort Lauderdale Fishing in October (10/21/2006)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Sailfish are here, awesome day of dolphin fishing and swordfish are still out there in nice numbers.
Snappers and Swordfish off Lauderdale (9/30/2006)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Day trips have been catching vermillion snappers like mad. Our Friday night swordfish trip continues success its streak. And first sailfish of the season caught.
Ft Lauderdale Swordfishing Trip (9/17/2006)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Had a really nice bite off Ft. Lauderdale on Friday night aboard Catch My Drift
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