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Tofino and Ucluelet B.C. Fishing update May 07 by Jay Mohl (5/07/2007)
This is an outline for fishing opportunities during the month of May for the Tofino and Ucluelet B.C. area on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
Victoria and Sooke Salmon Fishing by David Eves (5/07/2007)
Migrating chinook salmon beginning to show up.
Halibut fishing Victoria - Border Bank by Adrian O'Connor (4/27/2007)
Consistent fishing the last 5 trips. Fish ranging in the 40-70 lb range.
Big Springs are just around the corner by Ron Neitsch (4/23/2007)
Reports of large Springs being caught are starting to come in...
Springs and Halibut in Sooke by Ron Neitsch (4/19/2007)
Many fishers reporting Springs and Halibut coming in consistently just minutes west of the Harbour.
Barkley Sound Feeder Chinook Angling Slower by Doug Lindores (4/17/2007)
The long narrow Port Alberni Inlet winds its way out to the very open but protected waters of scenic Barkley Sound. Feeder chinook fishing is a little slower but the summer season looks great.
Fishing Winter Springs Slower Summer Chinook and Coho will be fantastic by Doug Lindores (4/09/2007)
Bamfield is located on the South Shore of Barkley Sound. The little town is full of shops, galleries, and restaurants in lodges during the summer months. This is definitely a fishermans paradise. Bamfield is centrally located to some of the worlds best offshore salmon/halibut fishing for those adventurous fishermen. For further details please call Doug at 250 724 2502.
Winter Chinook Good Summer 2007 Fishing looks Excelent by Doug Lindores (4/04/2007)
Winter Chinook fishing in Barkley sound is still quite good in the Sarita Bay and Vernon Bay Swale Rock areas. Summer 2007 sport fishing looks very good.
Ucluelet Salmon/halibut fishing in 2007 should be fantastic by Doug Lindores (4/04/2007)
The summer of 2007 should see some fantastic fishing off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Ucluelet a small town nestled on one side by sandy beaches and on the other rainforest is on the doorstep of thousands of migrating salmon.
Winter Chinook fishing good in Barkley Sound, Port Alberni by Doug Lindores (4/01/2007)
The winter chinook fishing in Barkley sound is still very good. The fish are bigger toward the surf-line but lots of nice fish close to Sarita and Bamfield.
Vancouver Island Halibut Fishing On Fire!!! by David Eves (3/30/2007)
As long as the weather and the currents co-operate the halibut fishing off of Victoria, B.C. Canada has been very good.
Winter Steelhead Fishing in Somass Stamp River Port Alberni Very Good by Doug Lindores (3/24/2007)
The wineter steelhead fishing in the Somass-Stamp River in Port Alberni B.C. is very good. We are hooking into 12 to 14 fish per day per boat
Windy Conditions have Slowed West Coast Fishng by Doug Lindores (3/23/2007)
Some late March winds have made it difficult to fish the west coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia. Winter chinook, halibut, and ligcod look good.
Barkley Sound Winter Chinook Fishing Good by Doug Lindores (3/23/2007)
Winter Chinook fishing has been excellent for the last 10 days. The chinook are not big but they are in good numbers and are great battlers.
Halibut Fishing Picking Up by David Eves (3/20/2007)
Here is the Becher Bay salmon report and the Victoria halibut report. From guide David Eves of Good Time Dave's Fishing Charters.
Spring Salmon Fishing Victoria BC by Tom Vaida (3/19/2007)
Spring salmon fishing is FAIR but not many anglers were out this past week due to poor weather. Halibut fishing has been SLOW also due to poor weather.
Barkley Sound Winter Chinook Small but There are Good Numbers by Doug Lindores (3/16/2007)
The herring spawn is just underway in the Barkley sound and the feeder (winter) chinook are numerous. Smaller fish in the area with biggest fish this week at 18 pounds
Salmon/Halibut Report early March by Mike Hall (3/13/2007)
The fishing has been good if you can get out between the storms.
Sooke Salmon Fishing - Great! by Ron Neitsch (3/13/2007)
Salmon fishing off the Harbour mouth of Sooke continues to be great. Strikes could be had during ebbing and flooding tides this last week. Spring salmon up to 10lbs were taken if the time was put in.
Early season report by Gil DiCesare (3/13/2007)
The 2007 saltwater sport fishery approaching quickly, as the memories of last year fade away, most anglers canít wait to hear the reels screaming again.
Targeting Winter Chinooks in Sooke by Larry Quigley (3/12/2007)
We are targeting winter Chinooks now here in sooke and have some great winter rates and packages available.
2007 Tofino Vancouver Island B.C. Fishing Outlook by Jay Mohl (3/08/2007)
General recap of 2006 season with overview for 2007 Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing outlook.
Fishing Reports Vancouver Island BC by Sam Vandervalk (2/19/2007)
The prime time to fish here is all summer - well not quite, but since we fish three areas there is usually somewhere to catch salmon and halibut.
Tofino BC Fishing by Jay Mohl (9/16/2006)
We thought you might appreciate a quick update on the happenings of Tofino and our water issue - particularly if you (or others you know) are planning a visit to the west coast this fall and may now be uncertain about your travel plans. (We apologize in advance should you receive multi copies of this message - if you do, please let us know so we may update/correct our files with your contact information)
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